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Do you have the next great product or service for Muslims? Now you want to reach out to them? Are you losing money on expensive ads?

The real problem is that your potential customers don't know and trust you, your product or service just yet. You are promoting yourself, your product or service, but they don't care.


What if there is a way to get recommended to your potential customers via other Muslims they already know & trust?

What if they recommend you, your product or service directly to their audience with the right message to the right people at the right time? This is what exactly Meem.Email does. Learn More.

Bilal Memon

I am so glad that I discovered We used to push out our Understand Arabic Course. The team at quickly identified my target audience for the course and selected one of the companies in their network to promote our course. Our click throughs and conversions were through the roof. We made our money several times over. I would highly recommend Meem to everybody that's targeting the muslim consumer market!

Bilal Memon

Why Meem.Email?
Trust. Right Message. Right People. Right Time.

Trust & Like

Instead of promoting yourself, Meem.Email helps you get recommended by someone your potential customers already know, trust & like.

Right Message

Are you sending a signal or noise? Are you promoting yourself? Or is someone recommending you? Tap into the power of recommendation.

Right People

Are you in Halal Food or Modest Fashion? Choose the right publisher. They recommend you to the right people who are already interested & relevant.

Right Time

Trust, Right People or even Right Message doesn't help if it is not the Right Time. Discover how Meem.Email can help you with Right Timing.

Get Recommended to Right People with Right Message at Right Time



Do you have a large list of emails for Muslims? Do you want to earn money with your email list and help Muslim Entrepreneurs to succeed?

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Do you have a product or service for Muslims? Do you want to reach out to them by the people they trust via right message, right people and right time?

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Do you know someone can benefit from Meem.Email? Help us bring them on board on Meem.Email. We will share half of our first profit with you.

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How Does Meem.Email Work?

Select Publisher

Browse the publishers above and choose some in your sector. Then let us know via chat. We also need a photo, description and link to your product or service.

I am Ready

Confirm & Pay

Then we talk to our publishers to confirm they are willing to recommend your product or service. You pay to Meem. We hold on to it to till your campaign is over.


Send & Report

Publishers send your campaign. After 48 hours, they send us a report on recipients, open rate and clicks which we share with you. Then money is paid to them.

Still Questions?